Hi, I’m Kaitlin.


In Massachusetts I became immersed in songwriting at the age of 10 hanging out at local coffee houses on weeknights. The talented folk musicians inspired me to start weaving my own stories into music. I’d always been passionate about singing and playing piano, but I then realised I was more exhilarated chucking the two together. After ten years living in New Zealand, I’ve moved to London to pursue that passion.

I recorded my first EP with Simon Berckelman (Philadelphia Grand Jury) in Berlin. Last year I travelled around performing in London, New York, and Los Angeles. While in London I began working with artist/producer James Yuill (Moshi Moshi) to create intricate alternative pop music with a hint of jazz and a twist of R&B, leading to the release of the System EP and now, the 41.9 EP!

My focus with songwriting is to explore those weird “in-between” emotions we always let pass us by.  Things are never as simple as happy and sad; in love and heart-broken.  Writing songs that people can empathise with on a very personal level is an important thing to do, it shows that we’re not all so different.  Music extends this relation and allows you to chill inside that atmosphere.

My other passions include math, sci-fi, silly cartoons, Formula 1, wasting hours scrolling through the depths of the internet, and telling jokes that I think will be really funny but turn out to not be that funny and then everyone is uncomfortable.